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freelensing | april


I couldn’t be more excited about this new project with a group of friends.  Every month we will each post a few freelensed shots on our blogs and follow one another in a blog circle.   I can’t wait to be inspired and motivated by these wonderful photographers.

When I was a little girl, I loved when my parents would drive down a certain road in our town.  There was this dip in the road.  If they drove over it fast enough, it would “take your stomach away”.  As we approached this place, my heart would beat faster with anticipation.

Freelensing does these things to my heart and my stomach while at the same time giving me this space to go to where all of the world seems to be at a hush.  There is no stress in this moment.  Just me playing, creating, letting go.  It is like revisiting some magical part of my childhood.  Being able to photograph my own children in this way makes it even more special to me.

IMG_6729 webcopyIMG_6785 webcopyIMG_6753 webcopyIMG_6758 webcopy

IMG_6751 webcopy

IMG_6782 webcopy

IMG_6765 webcopyIMG_6767 webcopy

IMG_6771 webcopy

Up next is the fantastic work of Holly Donovan.  Please show her some love!