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but still

today i mourn the loss of summer vacation. bright and painfully early this morning, summer passed away. big sister started her first day of school and daddy’s paternity leave ended. i have been dreading this day for weeks. but instead of throwing a massive temper tantrum, i fastened the baby to my chest, poured myself another cup of coffee, and tried not to obsessively watch the clock. i had many successes. i took everyone outside for a walk. actually it was to the end of the driveway and back inside because the baby had yet another poosplosion. but still. i fed you and your big brother lunch. well actually i fed you a couple cherry tomatoes, some cheddar duck crackers, a handful of pistachios, and two chocolate chip cookies. and by fed i mean you two helped yourselves to this well balanced meal while i sat on the couch nursing the baby. but still. i even found the energy to mop the kitchen floor. well actually it was one small section where the dog had drooled. and i wiped it up with my foot and a paper towel. but still. and by some strange miracle, you decided to crawl into your sleeping bag and fall asleep next to the couch while i nursed your baby brother for the 100th time today. all of this was accomplished and we still have 63 minutes until we pick up your sister from school and 185 minutes until daddy walks through that back door. i never said i was successful with the obsessive clock watching. but still.

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