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the do over

we are big on do overs in our house. life is far far far from perfect. failure is inevitable. but we have to be gentle with ourselves and try try try again. yesterday was a failure. it was your first day at a new school. instead of helping you get ready or taking tons of photos of you wearing your new backpack or walking into your new classroom, i slept. daddy knew i was exhausted from being up most of the night with your baby brother so he took you to school. i was there to pick you up though and listen to you cry the whole way home about how much you hated your new school. i didn’t sleep much last night and not just because of the baby. i was stricken with my usual mommy guilt over not being there for you enough. but today was a new day. i drug myself out of bed, snapped this photo of you as you drew a picture for your new teacher, and then i smoothed your hair as i hugged you and told you that i hoped that today would be better. and you know what? it was.

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