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uniquely you

you may share physical attributes with your older brother and sister but you are uniquely you in every other way. it isn’t as though you need me or love me any less than they do. but, there is this tenacity about you. although i adore your spunk, it always catches me by surprise. like today when i dropped you off for your first day of school. after watching you play for a few minutes, it was time for our goodbyes. i wasn’t ready. i hugged you and told you that i loved you. you reciprocated. then i lingered peering deep into your blue eyes. searching. i was trying to find some sign of fear or apprehension. i was ready to soothe. i had done this many times before with the older two. diffusing a clingy moment is something i have had lots of practice doing, so i waited for it. but not you. you were tired of waiting. you looked deep into my blue eyes and said, “now go away”.